7 Types of People the World Needs More Of

There are certain people that you just wish you could clone to have more of them around.

Maybe they make you feel happy just by being around them, maybe you can always count on them, maybe they make you laugh.

Whoever it is, think about what qualities that person has.

And how can you be more like them?

I don’t mean in a “you’re not good enough” kind of way or that you should like the same things as them, but what traits do they have that you admire?

In this list of 7 people the world needs more of, I’ve made a list of the top 7 kinds of people that really make the world a better place.

Each is a character trait, a good habit, and you can be more than one type of person, but really take the time to figure out how you could incorporate more of these types of personalities into your life and be that person that just brings a bit more into the world.

Not only will it benefit you and your own self-esteem, but you’ll become a positive force for the people around you and that is your own little way of changing the world that anyone can do.

This self-love workbook is a fantastic way of realigning your own thoughts and outlook on yourself, which is important to do before you can really deal with anyone else’s feelings or thoughts about you.

1. The Person Enthusiastic about Everything

Enthusiasm is a big part of what draws us to people.

People who show their love for things give the rest of us permission to be enthusiastic about what we like and what we want to do.

They encourage people to get inspired.

Whether it’s a hobby of gnome painting or a career in film making or their love for tacos, people who are enthusiastic spread joy and positivity.

They inspire us to reach our goals, to be unashamedly us, to get excited about things.

After having lived in a country that doesn’t celebrate being enthusiastic about things, it is such a breath of fresh air to be around people who are enthusiastic and excited for life.

2. The Person Who Is Happy for Everyone Else no Matter What

This person is a cheerleader for everyone around them, no matter what is going on in their own lives.

They are genuinely excited for people to succeed, even if they aren’t at the moment.

This person is strong and resilient, understanding that cheering other people on doesn’t take away from their own route to success, and that we rise by supporting other people and all improving.

They don’t make snide comments or try to bring anybody down.

They know what to say to somebody who is stressed, what to say to somebody crying, what to say to somebody upset.

Whether you’ve lost 2 pounds on your weight loss journey or you turned your business into a multi-million dollar company, they are there for you, happy for your accomplishments and letting you know it.

3. The Person who Actually Listens

We are all too conditioned to talk, and not practiced enough when it comes to listening.

We always have to think about what to say, how to say it, and wonder what people think of what we’ve just said.

But the person who actually listens is golden.

People gravitate towards them because they know that they can talk to this person and truly be heard.

It’s not just a trait, but a skill that means you have to quiet the voice inside your own head and fully take in what somene else is saying.

We all need to be the person who actually listens, no matter whether we’re an introvert or an extrovert.

Take the time to shut your mouth and let the people around you talk for once.

4. The Person who is Honest About Their Feelings

Nobody likes to wade through emotional landmines of people who aren’t honest about their feelings.

You don’t need to be posting your deepest, darkest secrets on Facebook all of the time, but you can work towards being more honest about how you feel when it’s appropriate.

When your friends and family ask you how you are, respond honestly!

You don’t want to be the person complaining all the time, but if you’re having a rough day, tell them!

This extends to social media.

Don’t be posting pictures of you smiling on your beach vacation if you’re crying yourself to sleep every night.

By putting up fronts and trying to make other people feel like we’re okay, we’re denying other people the chance to encourage and cheer us up and we’re making it harder on ourselves.

Learn how to express your feelings, tell people when they’ve disappointed you, tell people when you’re upset, and be honest.

5. The Person Who Helps without Wanting Anything in Return

When you go to help someone, be the person who helps without expecting anything in return.

If someone needs to visit their dad in the hospital and asks if you would mind picking her kids up from school, do it out of the goodness of your heart, not because you’re waiting on her to return the favor one day.

The same goes for lending money, lending time, or lending expertise.

If you’re happy to help and have the time, do it with no expectations.

This is the only pure kind of help and will eventually come back to you, just not in the way you might expect.

Guilt tripping people that you’ve helped or having animosity towards them because they weren’t able to help in your time of need isn’t a good way to live life.

Help for the sake of helping, and that will bring you more fulfillment than keeping tabs on who owes you what.

6. The Person Who Treats Everyone with the Same Kindness

They say that you should judge somebody based on how they treat people who they don’t “need” to treat well, like cashiers or others in the service industry.

People who can go through the day and treat their CEO counterparts with the same exact respect and kindness as the cashier at the grocery store on their way into work are the best kinds of people.

These people recognize the humanity in everyone and aren’t condescending or thinking of anyone as beneath them.

They understand that we’re all in this together and that being kind to people no matter who they are, what they look like, or where they come from is the most important thing.

Be the person who has kindness and gratitude for all.

7. The Person Who Encourages the Timid to Get Involved

I love people who involve others, especially people who reach out to those more timid or less likely to get involved.

Sure, you can be accepting of everyone, but the ones who go out of their well to try and get others involved who might not be as comfortable jumping in on their own – they are the kinds of people the world needs more of.

This could look like anything, from inviting the coworker who seems very shy out to dinner with you and your team, to a kid befriending another kid on the playground who isn’t getting involved in the other activities.

You can do this in schools, the workplace, the PTA, social events – anything.

Being inclusive when people come to you is great, but being inclusive by going out and trying to include people on purpose is even better.

Sure, they might say no, but the fact that you asked them and went out of your way to try to get them involved may leave a bigger mark on them than you know.

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