Welcome to Goodbye, Self Help!

I’m Kalyn, and I almost gave up.

Now, that’s a weird thing to write in an About Me, but it’s true. At one point, I was trying to build a business online, juggle my full time job which was absolutely sucking the life out of me, deal with the emotional realities of being an expat abroad, and trying not to cry on my daily 4 hour commute. 

I wanted to quit it all, move to some island where no one knew me, and start again. I thought that at the ripe old age of 27, my life was basically over and I had made all the wrong decisions. 
Thankfully, I didn’t give up and instead of running from my life, learned to manage it better, get in touch with my emotions (thank you, therapy) and be successful in spite of what I faced.

And do you know how I did that, after years of listening to copious amounts of self-help tapes and following the latest gurus who told me nothing but get rich schemes?
I started to be myself.
Yeah, it sounds simple, but the act of being unapologetically authentic, of expressing how I thought and felt, of being honest with those around me completely changed my life. 

And in a world where everyone seems to be selling the latest “how to make millions in 5 minutes” or “make it rich selling my courses to people who then try to make it rich by selling my courses,” we’re all in major need of a reset. 

I run four websites, including Girl Gone London which has made over $30,000 through ads, affiliate marketing, and products. I’m the author of a book with the same title, which brings in hundreds of dollars each month and is still 5 stars. I built all of this while having a full time job that took me away for 16 hours in a day, and no amount of repeating mantras was going to get me through. 

I did it through hard work, consistently showing up, knowing how to maximize my time, and being genuine.

I am an introverted, mac and cheese loving, Disney fan, and I’m not ashamed or embarrassed of any of it. Every choice I make in my life, including moving to the UK from America, going to college in a state I had never been to, and starting a baking blog without ever having baked a cookie before (turned out okay, though!) has been made with a complete lack of concern for whether anyone else approves.

Now, I mean, I’m not a complete robot. I might worry if people like my outfit or overthink whether I said the wrong thing, but my likes, my dislikes, and my decisions in life? Those are all made with the confidence that the best thing I can be is myself, and the happiest I’ll ever be is when I’m choosing to be the person I am instead of trying to be someone else. 
Enough about me, though, let’s talk about you.

Are you a budding entrepreneur trying to figure out the right steps to make money online? Are you a young mom who feels like she’s lost herself in parenting and in her marriage? Are you somebody who is tired of the scams, the “gurus” who do nothing but make money by telling you how to make money, even though they didn’t before they started their “how to make money online” business?

From how to actually make money self-publishing to what to say to someone who is moving away to how to get over your fear of failure, Goodbye, Self Help is all about being authentic and finding success from consistency and laying the actual foundations to a life that’s much better than what you think it could be.

It’s also about the hard times, the times when you are crying on a train home from London and everyone is looking at you weird and you just want to slash all their tires because you’re so angry and resentful and tired (oh wait, maybe that’s just me).

Thanks for joining me on this journey and goodbye, self help (the way we used to know it!)