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Is it Okay to Be an Introvert? Honest Advice

If you’ve looked up, “is it ok to be an introvert?” or something like “is being an introvert bad?” then I can totally relate.

My entire life, I grew up thinking that there was something wrong with me.

I remember getting into huge fights with my mom about how I was too quiet, too “withdrawn,” not talkative enough, etc.

I felt broken and like I should be more of how the extroverts of the world present themselves.

In fact, introverts are often portrayed by the media and our culture in a way that doesn’t embrace our power.

When you think of an introvert, you think of someone sitting alone, scared of the world, probably playing video games by themselves and not being social.

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Whereas when you think of an extrovert, you think of someone who is out having fun, being the life of the party, surrounded by people.

It’s not hard to see why us introverts have such a complex.

But here’s the real deal: not only is it totally okay to be an introvert, but it’s important for you to be you!

It’s estimated that 30-50% of society are introverts, and being an introvert does not mean that you’re boring, unable to socialize, or dragging society down!

All it means is that you get your energy from within, rather than from spending time with other people, and there is 0 to be ashamed of!

Many people believe being an introvert is an intrinsic part of our personality, something that we’re born with.

If you feel like you want to be more outgoing, more friendly, great at public speaking or anything else, you absolutely still can.

Being shy and being an introvert are not the same thing, though if you’re looking for how to make friends as an introvert or networking tips for introverts, I’ve got those too!

Introverts bring great things to the world, and here are just some advantages of being an introvert and superpowers that you might possess.

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My favorite book for introverts:

Okay, everyone grab your hilarious “Introvert” shirt and let’s get going.

1. Ability to articulate yourself in writing

Did you know that introverts tend to be better writers and more able to articulate themselves on paper?

It’s true!

Tons of amazing writers, poets, novelists, screenwriters, etc are all introverts, and it’s something to do with that deep inner world and liking to think through what we say before we say it that makes us often great writers.

Use colorful journals like these to take advantage of your writing skills and get those thoughts out.

person lying down reading a book alone

2. Great listening skills

If the world were just extroverts, there would be no one to listen.

Great listeners are hard to come by, and often introverts find themselves in that “listening” position that can make people feel comfort and like someone cares.

This makes introverts great counselors, mentors, and social workers who are really able to put their judgment aside and make someone else feel understood to help them on their journey.

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3. In-depth thought processes that lead to better results

Often, extroverts will say things before thinking through them in their head.

It’s why, if you’re in a conversation with extroverts, it can often be hard for an introvert to get a word in because they’re busy thinking through what they’re going to say instead of saying it.

This can definitely be an advantage, when it comes to thinking through plans and covering all angles, whether in the workplace or in your own personal life.

Use that in-depth thinking and turn it into something you can offer as an introvert to make sure the team stays on course or accomplishes their goals.

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