how to make him miss you

How to Make Him Miss You: 7 Genius Ways

If you’re wondering how to make him miss you because you’ve broken up, then I have a few choice words for you before we dig into the practical steps.

You might already know this (you probably do, deep inside), but “making him miss you” or wondering how to make your boyfriend miss you is a sure sign that you need a little pick-me-up.

So here you go.

Girl, you don’t need to play games or go out of your way to make your man miss you.

There are things you can do to try and ignite that flame again, but not because you’re desperate.

Desperation reeks of low self-esteem and no one is going to miss that.

how to make him miss you

To make him miss you, you’re going to want to do the opposite of what you want to do (probably like, write him 1000 love notes or sing songs outside his window) and it’s going to be hard because it doesn’t feel right, but trust me, it is.

Now, if you’re still together and you literally just want him to miss you while you’re on vacation, then that is a whole different topic and mostly involves me saying, “girl, chill.

Go have fun and his feelings aren’t your problem.”

But if you want an ex to miss you, then read on for some serious honesty.

how to make him miss you

1. Get a Life

Ooh, sorry that we have to start here, but the first way to learn how to make a man miss you is to, you know, get a life!

I don’t mean that in a rude way, but in a serious way!

If your life was him, and now all you have to do is sit around pining over him (do people still pine or is that so 1992?), you’ve got a problem.

There’s nothing sexy about someone who is obsessed (for most healthy relationships), and there’s nothing fun about someone who only has you in their life.

how to make him miss you

Fill your life with activities, with adventures, with something besides your ex or the break up.

Whether it’s going to the gym every day at 9am and then meeting up with a friend for lunch or climbing Mount Everest, you’ve got to be active and out and about in the world participating in your own life before someone is going to miss having you in theirs.

Part of it is obvious, and part of it is psychological.

When you’ve got your own life, you’re making a statement that you’re not just sitting around missing him, and for some reason, that often may make him miss you more.

how to make him miss you

2. Achieve Your Physical Goals

Want to know how to make a guy miss you?

Everyone knows the less-talked about secret.

The “hit the gym” after a breakup trope isn’t just to make him jealous, but to make him see what he’s missing out on.

This doesn’t mean you need to lose weight or gain weight or get any part of your body a certain way based on society’s standards, but do it based on your standards.

What would you like for your body? Would you like to be stronger? Healthier? More toned? Gained a few pounds in muscle? Lose some flab?

Join a gym, get a personal trainer, or just put on some Youtube exercise tutorials and start achieving the body of your dreams.

But most importantly, don’t just do it to make him miss you.

Do it for yourself.

how to make him miss you

3. Achieve Your Career Goals

It works out that many of these suggestions on how to make a man miss you and want you back have to do with bettering yourself, because the more you achieve, the better you’ll feel about yourself and the less you’ll even care about how much he misses you.

Also, he’ll totally miss you more.

Is there a promotion you’ve been hoping for or another career goal that you want to reach?

Put all of your energy in achieving it.

Seeing you reach new heights in your career can help to make him miss you and see what a go-getter you are, plus it’ll boost your self-esteem in other ways and make you carry yourself taller and prouder (which is totally more missable).

how to make him miss you

4. Achieve Any Goal At All

If you don’t have a career or fitness goal, that’s okay!

Set your mind to achieving any goal at all, no matter how small.

Always wanted to own the world’s biggest collections of troll figurines?

Go for it. Want to write an eBook about wildlife? Do it!

There’s something sexy and attractive about people who achieve their goals, and it can be a great thing to do if you want to make him miss you and commit.

how to make him miss you

We, as humans, like when other humans are, well, doing stuff.

It doesn’t have to be grand or amazing or out of this world.

Just pick some goals, and focus on getting them done.

A person with a purpose is a person worth missing.

how to make him miss you

5. Be Active on Social Media

There are two schools of thoughts on making someone miss you, and one of them is that you should be active all “around” that person, even if not talking directly to them.

This means giving your social media a makeover and making a point to document your life and all of those goals you’ve been achieving.

Keep yourself in the forefront of their mind and you might find that they miss you.

PS – this is totally Cosmopolitan-esque advice, but if you really want to stoop to this level, the option is available to you.

6. Get Some New Friends

Finding other people besides him to hang out with can be a great way to make him miss you (and a great way to make your husband miss you if you’re feeling stale in your relationship!)

Not only are you expanding your own social network, but being aware that you’re hanging out with other people can make him miss you.

You can meet friends online using apps like Bumble, or get involved in real-life activities to be introduced to a whole new set of people.

Don’t just rely on one person, either.

Do a bit of “friend dating” and put yourself out there to really start to connect with.

sad person

7. Stop Talking to Him

That’s right, when it comes to how to make him miss you psychology, go cold turkey on him.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder (it’s totally true), and constantly talking to him isn’t even giving him the chance to miss you.

If you do want to reconnect in the future, you don’t need to full on block him or anything, but stop texting or calling and definitely don’t text back right away.

Don’t just act distant.

Be distant.

Stop talking to him and make him miss you by showing him by disappearing that you don’t need him or the validation he can provide you.

There’s nothing more attractive.

how to make him miss you
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