9 Best Hobbies for Couples to Strengthen Your Bond

Whether you’re trying to strenghten your relationship or find some hobbites for couples to make the most of your downtime, it’s always fun to find something that you can do with your significant other that doesn’t involve sitting on the couch staring at your phones.

Many hobbies, by nature, are solitary – reading, for instance, is not much of a couple activity and if my husband tried to read with me, I’d kindly tell him to go away!

But learning new skills can bring a new dynamic to your relationship and also just lead to you feeling better about yourself, so here are some great hobbies for couples that you can convince your partner to try with you.

1. Cooking or Baking

Cooking or baking are definitely not solitary activities for a lot of people, and a couple can easily learn and cook together as you try out new recipes or techniques.

One person can do the chopping, the other the slicing, etc.

Definitely make sure, however, that you are approaching it as a hobby you’re learning together to make new and fun things, not just considering someone making dinner and the other person helping to be a hobby.

This could lead to resentment as one person will have the way they want the recipe done. This is a lot more fun when you’re learning together.

For example, you could learn to decorate cookies with royal icing, which requires you to bake the cookies and then practice icing techniques.

It’s easier than it looks with a little bit of practice, and you can work together to dazzle the neighbors and everyone at the office Christmas party!

2. Playing Team Sports

Joining a team sport together can be a fun way to enjoy hobbies as a couple while also making new friends outside your relationship (and a great way of making frineds for introverts!)

Whether it’s just a fun running group that meet once a week or a more intense sport like a co-ed soccer team, playing team sports together can strengthen your relationship as you work towards a common goal and expand your social circle.

You do need to make sure that the teams you are joining are appropriate for both of your levels and match the level of commitment you both have to in the sport – if one person likes playing basketball every day, but the only can be forced into it once every other week, it’s not the hobby to pick up together.

3. Playing Tennis

There are plenty of sports like tennis or golf that you can pick up as a couple that can be played with two people and mean you can take lessons together to improve.

This is a great idea if you both are interested in learning a new sport, but don’t want the pressure of team sports or the commitment to show up to certain things without being in charge of your own schedule.

Another sport you could take up together just as 2 people is running, but you need to make sure you’re both at the same level of fitness or are open to one slowing down for the other because otherwise you’ll just end up resenting whoever is going faster.

4. Learning to Paint

Some crafts are more solitary hobbies to learn like knitting, but don’t count out the arts when you think of hobbies for couples.

Something like painting can be a fun hobby to take up together as you learn the different technique and take painting classes, maybe opting to paint the same landscape and see how you both approach it differently.

Painting can also be a social hobby where you each sit down and get a glass of wine and talk while you’re panting.

5. Gardening

Making things grow together will also help your relationship grow.

Start up a vegetable patch and each take responsibility for a certain number of vegetables or flowers to see if you can keep them alive.

This is a nice couple’s hobby for the summer when you want to be outside working in the yard.

Unlike regular yard work that is more like a necessity and a chore, gardening is something that you can do as an extra option for fun year-round rather than being annoyed it’s time to mow the lawn again.

6. Traveling

One of the most obvious best hobbies for couples is traveling!

Whether you’re going to a local town or halfway around the world, traveling together can be a great way to make sure your relationship stays strong as you have new experiences and see the world together.

If you each have different strengths when it comes to traveling, say, one person is a great planner and the other is fantastic at finding hidden spots to eat that are off the grid, then combine your talents to have the trip of a lifetime and put each person in charge of different aspects of the trip.

You can be as spontaneous as you want, booking a last minute trip to a random destination, or you could really plan for years and fit these giant vacation into your schedule.

7. Dancing

Plenty of couples take up something like ballroom dancing to feel the spark again and learn something new.

There are plenty of adult ballroom or other types of dancing classes if you’re nervous and new so that you can learn in a social atmosphere with other people who are also making mistakes.

This is a fun way to either get involved in adult competitions, or you can just do it for fun to strut your stuff and get your body moving.

8. Learn a Language

Whether you’re preparing for a trip together or have always wanted to learn German just because, using an app like DuoLingo and going to language classes is a really fun way to expand your mind and learn some new language skills together.

This is a great opportunity for couples becuase you have someone built-in to practice with, and it will really make you connect and help teach each other and learn from each other’s mistakes as you both work towards the ultimate goal of learning a new language.

9. Video Games

We might tell kids to limit time on their video games, but plenty of adult gaming couples have this as a shared hobby!

Whether you just want to play some Mario Kart together to unwind in the evenings or work together to beat the levels of popular games, picking up the controller and playing video games as a hobby is a great indoor activity that you can do no matter the weather.

Again, like other things, this usually works best when you’re both on the same level or the person who is more advanced is incredibly patient as the other person works up to that level.

It’s not a fun hobby for couples if you spend the whole time screaming at your wife because she jumped into the lava on accident!

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