How to Be Happy after a Break Up: 7 Practical Must-Dos

Want to learn how to be happy after a break up?

Being broken up with sucks (and it also sucks to be the person who did the breaking up, so if that was you, shout out to you too!)

While learning to be happy again after a break up isn’t an instant process, there are some practical things you can do to lift your spirits and get you laughing at your favorite movie rather than crying at every single romantic scene.

In this guide, we’re not sharing any woo-woo “find yourself” kind of advice.

Yes, part of being happy after a breakup is boosting your own self-esteem, recognizing your worth, and all of that fun stuff that sounds so easy in an article, but then feels painfully impossible when you go to apply it.

No, in this guide on being happy after a break up, we’re sticking with the practical, the tangible, the actual things to do to be happy after a break up.

Because the last thing you need to do is overthink about who you are or what you want out of life.

You need like eight flamingo pool floats, a ton of girl friends, and a cocktail party.

Among other things.

1. Remove All Photos or Items That Remind You of Them

Seriously, get all of the memories of them and get them out of your sight.

If you can’t handle it, have someone else do it for you.

Don’t get rid of them, but hide them in a closet or put them in someone else’s house for now so you can stop being reminded of the break up everywhere you turn.

This is one of the hardest post-break-up phases, when you’re still finding their shirts in your closet or their socks under the bed or just a gift they gave you in your drawer.

If for some reason your toothbrush specifically reminds you of them, get a new one!

You’ve got to do this for your own mental health and happiness, because it can be so hard to be happy after a break up when you are being bombarded with all these reminders.

Some people think it’s extreme, but if you want to gradually bring stuff back into your life that you’ve hidden away later on, you can totally do that. But don’t torture yourself for weeks with the memories when it’s easy enough to make some changes.

2. Do Something That You Used to Find Fun Before the Relationship

There are plenty of things we stop doing when we get into relationships that we used to find fun (at least for many of us).

Maybe you love concerts, but your partner didn’t share your love for live music so you didn’t go as much.

Or maybe you liked a certain type of food which they didn’t, so you never cooked it (or not as much).

Make a list of the things you enjoy that you didn’t do enough of when you were with them for whatever reason, and start doing these things again. Rediscover the joy you feel when you go kite-surfing, even though they never wanted to with you.

Watch allllll the crime documentaries you want because you don’t have to worry about them being scared anymore.

This is a fun and exciting time where you get to do exactly what you want without consulting anyone else.

Take advantage of it and bring the person you were before the relationship back to life.

3. Travel with Friends and a Packed Itinerary

We don’t suggest a “finding yourself” kind of travel by yourself after a break up because it can often be pretty lonely and you’re just wishing they were there the whole time or you’re standing in front of the Taj Majal way too caught up in your own head to really enjoy it.

Instead, plan a packed trip with your friends (or just one friend) to somewhere you’ve always wanted to go.

Whether it’s Disney World or South Africa, get on that plane and get out into the world to see new things alongside someone you enjoy.

The more friends, the better, if you’re an extrovert, because you’ll have more distractions which will keep your spirits up and give you a lot of different perspectives on things.

On this trip, you have to ban yourself from talking about your ex or the relationship.

No complaining, no commiserating.

Tell your friends to tell you to shut up if you bring it up, and instead go out there and go on tours, explore historic attractions, and build up your happiness with the joy of travel.

4. Go Out to Eat to Your Favorite Restaurant

Food is comforting, there’s no doubt about that.

We can find happiness in food in everyday life, but it’s a particularly good pick-me-up when you’re feeling low from a break up.

Pick one of your favorite restaurants and find some friends to go out to eat with.

The thrill of selecting your favorite appetizer that you drool over every time, as well as picking out fun cocktails or delighting in the incredible bread service will go a long ways towards making your stomach and your mind happy.

5. Have a Spa Day

A spa day works wonders for your stress levels, which can help increase your happiness after a break up.

Whether you prefer massages or just lounging around in the infinity pool or walking around in fuzzy robes, a spa day is incredibly self-pampering and amazing for feeling at peace.

Not only that, but if you get a treatment like a facial or manicure, you’ll feel better about yourself and how you look which can make you feel happier and more content.

6. Go to a Workout Class

Whether you’re a workout guru or you’ve never been, seriously consider going to a workout class to get some endorphins going and feel happy after your break up.

A workout class is better than just going to the gym by yourself because you get the social environment and encouragement from other people, which can in turn make you feel happier and less alone after your breakup.

It’s also a great place to meet new friends!

Aside from that, though, the physical aspect of going to a workout is going to get your heart rate pumping which really does send some physical signals through your body that help increase your mood.

It will physically make you happier.

Try it!

7. Pump Up the Inspirational Music

Sing along in the car or dance around in your house, but however you listen to your music, pump up the inspirational tunes louds.

There are plenty that are great for post-breakups, of course, and lots of sort of “anthems” for this type of situation, but it doesn’t even have to be songs about romance.

Lots of bands have some really inspirational tunes, and even some soundtracks will just get your mood soaring.

Inspirational music can affect how you feel about yourself and get those positive and uplifting feelings flowing through your veins.

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